Manager (BirD vs Man)

Another character. CLICK FOR A BIGGER IMAGE

chara 3 heads wire 1

chara 3 together 1


Street Car (BirD vs Man)

Part of the opening scene in Bird vs Man animation. CLICK FOR A BIGGER IMAGE

bird vs man car 2

Bird vs Man (Bob)

This Bob, one of the main characters in Bird vs Man animation. I wasn’t really pleased with his arms and legs so I decided to redo them. I change the shirt’s arms and made the legs skinnier.Bob cg 2

BirD vs MAN – Animation Character Model #1 (WIP)

Here is the first character model of an animated short that I am working so diligently on. Hopefully the good momentum will continue throughout.

character 1 Fin 3

Worm Pilot Update # 3 (with helmet)

The helmet may need a little more work, but I have to move on to other things. I’ll work on him some more at a later date.


WoRM Pilot UpDate # 2



There’s more work to be done.