Manager (BirD vs Man)

Another character. CLICK FOR A BIGGER IMAGE

chara 3 heads wire 1

chara 3 together 1


Street Car (BirD vs Man)

Part of the opening scene in Bird vs Man animation. CLICK FOR A BIGGER IMAGE

bird vs man car 2

Update: Walter Painting Head # 4 (in progress)

Can you even tell what the changes are? Yes, sort of, no! He’s just about finished. CLICK FOR BIGGER IMAGE


DoGGY Jumps in PoOl ANimatiOn

This was my first real attempt at animating and animating well. Which means, I actually took it seriously. It was also the first time I just let myself have fun. Maybe I don’t suck at this animating thing as much as I thought. There is something here worth exploring. Some parts needed refining, but still, it gave me hope. So, please check it out. CLICK IMAGE BELOW TO VIEW QUICKTIME MOVIE