Riding Exercise BiCycle Animation (part 1)


Bouncing Ball AniMAtion

Every student animator starts out with a bouncing ball. Animating a bouncing ball can sound a lot easier than it really is. Learning the art of anticipation, squash and stretch, and timing is key to becoming a great animator. So, here it is, my animation of a bouncing ball. CLICK IMAGE BELOW TO VIEW QUICKTIME MOVIE

JumPing Boxes AniMation (In Progress)

This is an almost finished animation of a simple character jumping from one box to another. Someday, I’ll consider it to be perfect enough to be called finished. CLICK IMAGE BELOW TO VIEW QUICKTIME MOVIE

3D WaLk CyCle 2

My second walk cycle is redone. Tell me if there is less of a limp this time. Is it getting any better? Your opinion is always greatly appreciated. Your input is one of the ways I get better at animation. So please tell me what you think. CLICK IMAGES TO VIEW QUICKTIME MOVIE